Classes/Firearm Training



This course satisfies the NYS requirement for training to apply for a pistol permit in most counties. $55/person



Presented in the classroom and on the range, this course teaches to your skill level. It is 3 sessions held over 3 weeks which include range time, targets and your instructor. $120



This 4 hour seminar is presented by our Training Director, a Defense Attorney, and a Police Officer. A must for anyone who has ever had questions about self defense. Call now to be added to our next class list. $75/person



This is a group class presented in the classroom and on the range that  is intended to provide the student with the skill necessary to protect themself or others both inside their home, and in public utilizing a semi-auto handgun.  There will  be discussion regarding equipment selection, conceal carry locations & tactical considerations. 

This is NOT a legal class. This is also NOT a run and gun class.

2-Day, 4-hours per day group class.


Required Equipment:

1. Semi-auto handgun

2. IWB or OWB holster

3. Minimum of 4 magazines

4. 1 Magazine pouch

5. Minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition

6. 5 - 10 dummy rounds for your caliber handgun

7. Eye and Ear protection

8. Concealment Garment (zip up hoodie/jacket, button up shirt, etc)



This 4 hour class teaches you how to reload your own ammunition. From setting up your equipment to actually making ammo. $75/person



This group course is presented in the classroom and on the range. 1 four hour session teaches self/home defense with a shotgun. Call now to be added to our next class. $100/person.



This is a group class presented in the classroom and on the range. Rimfire rifles only. This course stresses firearm safety and teaches shooting positions, types of firearms, touches on ballistics and ends in practicing what you learned. $120/person

Introduction to Practical Pistol


This is a group class presented in the classroom and on the range. This course is informational and includes live fire training. A complete safety briefing, USPSA rules and divisions. Breakdown of stages, movement with tips and drills. 

Fulfills requirements for most USPSA & accepted by WNYPPL

Must have a belt mounted holster and mag pouch, centerfire pistol, eye & ear protection, & 50-100 rounds of ammo

Min of 8 students Max of 12

You must prepay to reserve your spot. $35/person

Intermediate Practical Pistol


This is a 3 hour group class. The class will consist of tips and training on movement, target engagement, shooting around barricades, uprange facing turn and draw, speed reloads, stage breakdown, etc. Class Instructor will be USPSA Master - Dan Bedell.

Prerequisites: taken Intro to Practical Pistol at Wolcott Guns Inc or shot in 1 USPSA match or shot in at least 3 practice sessions at a USPSA club.

Required Equipment: 1. Proper eye and ear protection

2. Handgun that fits into 1 or more of the USPSA divisions

3. At least 4 10-round magazines

4. Proper belt holster and mag pouches for the division you will compete in

5. Min 200 rounds of ammunition

6. Proper footwear for shooting. No open toe footwear of any kind

Max of 12 students

You must prepay to reserve your spot. $60/person

If you have any questions feel free to call or email us.